Diane 35 tablets is a type of contraceptive pill which is manufactured by Bayer Zydus. It contains Ethinyl Estradiol & Cyproterone Acetate in combination. Ethinyl estradiol is hormone which is used as a contraceptive.

Diane Pills uses

Diane pills are one of the most used option for contraceptive pill. To work as contraceptive Ethinyl estradiol is used, which is a hormone works by increasing the lining in the uterus. With increasing the lining when a fertilized egg tries to attach the uterus being swelled up by the action of Ethinyl estradiol, the egg does not get attach to it. Which is why Ethinyl estradiol is used.

Cyproterone Acetate present in the Diane pills works for the treatment of rare kind of acne which remains untreatable. With some women facing the problem of excess hair growth on the body especially on the face Cyproterone Acetate is prescribed to tackle the symptoms of higher levels of androgens which is known as pcod.

Diane 35 tablets comes in the combination of these two drugs also solves the problem of menstrual disorder, in menstrual disorder women suffers from irregular menstrual cycles. When Diane 35 tablets are given to women the imbalance in the hormones is treated as well which starts regulating the menstrual cycle.

Side effects

  • Causes infertility in women
  • Swelling of the breasts
  • Bleeding
  • Depression
  • Abdominal pain
  • Burning sensation
  • Increase in hair growth in the pubic area

Who should take it ?

It is prescribed to women who are suffering from irregular menstrual cycle, acne, facial hair growth. It is not recommended for men they should not take it. Kids should be kept away from this drug.

Where to buy Diane 35 tablets ?

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