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Progesterone is a female hormone that is critical for the formulation of ovulation process and mensuration cycle. At whatever point ladies who have not achieved menopause yet start to encounter unpredictable periods, it implies that progesterone is missing from their body. Under such conditions, this hormone is accustomed to realize menstrual periods in ladies. It is successful in maintaining a strategic distance from abundance in the coating of the uterus in postmenopausal ladies, who are experiencing estrogen hormone substitution treatment. Your specialist may endorse the measure of progesterone relying upon your condition and winning medicinal history. The measurements varies from patient to understanding and there is no settled or standard measure of dose. Entirely adhere to your recommended measure of dose.

Employments of the medication:

To treat the ladies who have quit having menstrual periods previously menopause.

Anticipate unusual thickening of the uterus divider lining.

Working of Susten 100 mg:

Progesterone hormone is lipophilic (lipid-cherishing) in nature henceforth gets effectively retained in the cells. The hormone at that point ties to the receptors and starts the progestational movement.

Manufacturer of Susten 100mg:

Susten 100 mg delicate gelatin containers are made by Sun Pharma, India.

Measurements frame and qualities:

Progesterone is accessible on our site in different qualities and measurements frame on our site:


Before you take the medication:

Try not to take the medication on the off chance that you:

Are arranging a pregnancy, or in the event that you are inside the underlying phases of your pregnancy.

  • Are experiencing or have prior endured developments in the liver, lupus, headaches, seizures, thyroid issues, liquid maintenance, swelling of joints, blood coagulating, or vision misfortune
  • Have a past filled with asthma, kidney issues, heart issues, hypertension, vein issues, elevated cholesterol or lipid levels, diabetes, gloom, dementia, gallbladder issues, or pancreas issues, high or low blood calcium levels.
  • Tell your specialist in the event that you:
  • Have been beset with jaundice
  • Uterus expelled or if there was a past filled with endometrial, cervical, or vaginal malignancy in your family
  • Have had experienced endometriosis; developments in the uterus; uterine fibroids; strange mammograms; or bumps in the bosom.



The amount to take the medication?

Progesterone must be regulated exactly how your specialist recommends it. At whatever point in question and your specialist can not be come to, take after the guidelines on your solution mark.

How to take the medication?

Amid each menstrual cycle, Progesterone is once in a while given for just a little term, for example, for 6 to 12 days on end. You should entirely take after the recommended dosing routine for this drug to produce results. Legitimately observe the patient directions that accompany this medicine precisely. In the event that you have any inquiries, promptly counsel your drug specialist or doctor. In the event that you are expending the case type of progesterone, take it with a full glass of water. Try not to break or split the case, take it as entirety.

Miss my Progestrone dose:

With no delay, take the missed measurements when you recall it. Not with standing, it shouldn’t be expended in the event that it is as of now time for your next measurement. Never wrongly take any additional solution to compensate for the missed dosages, as this could make different confusions.

Overdosing Susten 100:

Get restorative consideration at the most punctual if there should be an occurrence of over dosage. Visit your closest social insurance focus or call your specialist promptly.

Reactions of Progestrone Pill:

  • Try not to dither to look for quick restorative help in the event that you encounter:
  • Regurgitating
  • Sadness
  • Rest unsettling influences
  • Torpidity
  • Emotional episodes
  • Absence of craving
  • Dim pee
  • Pale stools
  • Bosom delicacy
  • Areola release
  • Expanded hair development
  • Loss of scalp hair, and spots or obscuring of facial skin


Effects such as trouble in breathing; or swelling of your face, lips, tongue, may be signs to put this medication on hold for a brief period and counsel your specialist about any further game-plan. In mellow examples, you could be inclined to sudden hacking; wheezing; fast breathing; swelling in your grasp, lower legs, and feet; superfluous warmth, and redness in one or both leg.


Some other significant concerns while devouring this medication are sudden deadness or shortcoming on one side of the body; sudden and extreme headaches; bewilderment; ill defined vision or discourse; dishonorable adjust; chest, arm, stomach, or shoulder torments; sickness; perspiring; and general disease. Ladies could create unpredictable menstrual periods, other than encountering a tingling sensation in their vagina or an unordinary measure of vaginal release. Hacking up blood, experiencing jaundice, creating bosom protuberances, or losing enthusiasm for sex, could be knowledgeable about outrageous circumstances.

Regular medication connections with Progestrone:

Keep in mind forget to advise your specialist about every one of the medicines and different prescriptions you take, including vitamins, minerals, home grown items, and different medications recommended by different specialists. Never neglect to begin another course of this medication without taking your doctor’s supposition first. The recuperating capacities of Progesterone can be seriously hampered by a few medications, while some ominous results could be created when taken with different medications.

Caution while taking Susten 100:

Things to recall:

  • Visit your specialist consistently while taking this drug and never miss any booked appointments.
  • Progesterone must be put away at room temperature and a kept from direct heat and light.
  • Try not to utilize this pharmaceutical on your own except if your specialist says to do as such.


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