About Humog 150:

Human Menopausal Gonadotropin (hMG) is the active ingredient present in Humog 150 injection. HMG (Human Menopausal Gonadotropin) is a mixture of hCG, LH and FSH, extracted and purified from the urine of postmenopausal women, used for induced ovulation.

Uses of this drug:

HMGs are used to induce ovulation in women with several conditions, Endometriosis, issues with pituitary gland, the gland that produces FSH and LH.
Manufacturer of Humog 150 I.U:
The manufacturer is Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited.


Women: Humog and Hucog (hCG) are indicated for the introduction of ovulation in the anovulatory women with regular or irregular cycles.
Dosage: Alternative Day Therapy:
Three equal doses are given on alternative days. In menstruating woman the initial dose should be given on day 7,8 or 9 of the cycle. A single dose of hCG (Hucog 10000 i.u) is given one week after the first injection of HMG, provided the clinical and biochemical response are adequate and not excessive.


It is supplied in the vial form containing sterile, freeze dried white powder having 150 i.u activity of each FSH and LH.

More info on Humog Injection:

Humog 150 injection has Human menopausal gonadotropin as its active constituent. It is acquired from the urine of ladies who have accomplished menopause. The pee of such ladies conveys an abnormal state of lutotropin hormone (LH), follicle fortifying hormone (FSH), and gonadotropins. Humog injection is infused intramuscularly into the body. The HMG shot is utilized to treat fruitlessness in ladies. It is a hormonally dynamic medication that aides in the incitement of egg generation in the ovaries in ladies with ovarian disappointment.

Why are Humog injection recommended?

Female richness The infusion is particularly found for ladies who have not experienced menopause, but rather are not ready to imagine because of hormonal unsettling influences in the body.

Male richness It can likewise be recommended to guys to treat fruitlessness issues caused because of absence of emission of a particular hormone in the body.

The infusion can likewise be joined with other hormonal medications for in vitro preparation and to aid conceptive strategies.

At the point when should Humog infusion not be given?

In the event that you have a known history of hypersensitivity to human menopausal gonadotropin drugs than abstain from utilizing it.

The drug isn’t appropriate for ladies with irregular vaginal draining and the explanation for draining isn’t resolved.

Ladies with an extended ovary caused by reasons other than poly-cystic ovarian disorder are not permitted to utilize Humog infusion.

The solution isn’t appropriate for individuals who have a tumor caused because of the nearness of sex hormones in overabundance sum in the body.

Patients experiencing the tumor of the adrenal, thyroid, or pituitary organ caused by expanded emission of hormone ought not take HMG shot.

The HMG shot isn’t prescribed for use in ladies who have an issue with their ovaries caused by abnormal amounts of FSH hormones in the body.

What are the reactions?

Taking Humog 150 injection may cause symptoms like emotional stress, weight gains, swelling at the injection site, shortcoming, bosom delicacy, or growth of the bosoms. The other most basic symptom related with HMG shot is an agony in the stomach zone demonstrated by ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS). This condition creates when an excessive number of eggs are delivered, and the ovaries swell up. Ladies taking these shots can imagine twins in the event of arranging a pregnancy.

What are the measurements signs?

Utilize it under the direction of your human services supplier. Your wellbeing authority will be the correct individual to recommend the best dosage subsequent to deciding your condition. Contact your medicinal services supplier for additional data in the event that you miss a booked dosage of your medication.

What are the medications that can connect with Humog 150 injections?

At whatever point you take in excess of one remedy or non-physician endorsed medication or blend it with specific nourishments or juices, think about you at high danger of medication communication.


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